Core Artists

Our Core Artists are a group of talented women who have come together to make this venture possible. Some of the artists are Allegheny-Clarion River Valley natives, while others have more recently made this their home. They all have in common a desire to see opportunities arise for our residents and to entice visitors to our towns to stay longer and return frequently.


Sara is a mother, educator and musician who resides in the Allegheny-Clarion Valley. She received her undergraduate degree in Music Education and Elementary Education at Clarion University. While attending Clarion, she performed in Madrigals, toured with the Concert Choir, and performed in a handful of operas. She also sang at the renowned Carnegie Hall in New York City as a soprano for the premiere of Earnestine Rodger Robinson’s oratorio, The Nativity. In addition to wedding and community events, currently, Sara Black utilizes most of her singing talent to sing lullabies to her children and learning songs to her students. Her goal as an educator is to foster a love of learning and creativity through music. Additionally, she is a second grade teacher at a local district and GEMS (Girls Excelling at Math and Sciences) instructor. She obtained her Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from the American College of Education.


Sandra has happily been photographing moments and capturing memories in the area since 2009. She lives with her husband, children, and three dogs in Parker, PA. Along with photography she enjoys gardening, crafting, and canoeing all of which inspire her photography.


Sara has spent most of her life in Parker. She has a creative mind and a love for the outdoors and has never met a craft, or a coffee, she did not like. Sara can woodburn, scrapbook, charcoal/pencil sketch, hand sew like a machine, give life to old furniture and paint to name a few of her many talents. However, she spends more time finger painting and coloring with her 3 daughters than any other craft. Sara's personality and spirit shine when she can tap into her creativity.


Rachel is a graduate of Pittsburgh Technical Institute where she received a degree in Graphic Design. She studied print design, website design and development, advertising, branding and much more. Rachel is now a stay-at-home mom and also does freelance graphic design and web design work from home. She enjoys dabbling in many different forms of art, from photography to painting. She and her husband, children and family dog spend as much time as possible in the outdoors, hiking, kayaking, camping and just exploring nature.


Jessica is a local artist and small business owner here in Emlenton. Her specialty is creating beautiful design with salvaged finds. She has an immense interest in anything creative and believes that inspiration can come from anywhere. Jess is a graduate of Clarion University with Marketing and MBA degrees. When she's not creating you'll likely find her playing with her girls or in the garden.